Celebrating 20 Years of the Kicking Horse River Pedestrian Bridge

Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge – Golden, BC After several years of discussion, a design proposal for the timber frame Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge was brought to council in January 2000. The bridge would enhance the visual appearance of the downtown area, create a destination piece and extend the existing trail system. With drawings in hand,…

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Horse Races Were Big In Golden, BC

Horse Racing in Golden, BC

Competitions Attracted Spectators in Golden, BC The people of Golden, BC were always up to a challenge. Be it foot races or fall fair events everyone took part. It makes sense then that local horse owners used deserted town streets to challenge each other to a race. Horse racing grew and soon competitors came from…

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Caroline Bergenham – Art by Correspondence

Caroline Bergenham was born in Jamtland, Sweden on April 24, 1888, the only daughter of John and Brita. She came to Canada as a child with the rest of her family in 1893 settling in Golden, BC. The family moved to Moberly, BC when John found work as a section hand. Here they squatted on…

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Love in Golden, BC

“George Love has been a resident of Golden since 1889 when his father came out to this province. They lived on the farm now owned by Tommy King (present day Kings Trailer Park area) and Mr. Love spent all this life here except for eight years. He also went to school with Maggie Gould, the…

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Phantom Lake

Reflection Lake aka Phantom Lake 1960's

In 1911 work began on the Kootenay Central Railway that ran from the Canadian Pacific Railway in Golden, BC, south towards Cranbrook, BC. The railway would open on this section in 1913 and change trade and travel throughout the area. The railroad, ran across its own railway bridge, from the north side of Golden to…

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When Golden Was A Tent Town

During the construction of the C.P.R. west of the summit of the Rockies, during the years 1884 and 1885, it was first intended to locate the divisional point at the junction of the Kicking Horse River and the Columbia. This caused a tent town to spring up at the point during the summer of 1884,…

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Golden BC Museum

Golden Museum Fall Faire is one of the biggest events of the year in Golden, BC attracting more than half of the permanent population. There are indoor competitions for handcrafts, collections, vegetables, fruit, canning, baking etc for adults and many of these same categories for children with the addition of decorated mud pies, structures from…

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Join us for a fun filled week of camp activities at the Golden Museum. This year’s theme is Time Travelers. Children will visit Swashbuckling Pirates and discover their hidden treasure with an escape room quest, dress in Roman togas and create an artistic masterpiece, dive into the world of Greek Demi-gods, heroes, and monsters, dodge…

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