Caroline Bergenham – Art by Correspondence

Caroline Bergenham – Art by Correspondence

Caroline Bergenham was born in Jamtland, Sweden on April 24, 1888, the only daughter of John and Brita. She came to Canada as a child with the rest of her family in 1893 settling in Golden, BC.

The family moved to Moberly, BC when John found work as a section hand. Here they squatted on a piece of property that had previously been the stopping house of Walter Moberly.

When the Bergenham’s moved to Moberly, Caroline had already completed school. She was an articulate writer and spoke English very well. She was also an avid reader who enjoyed learning.

As well as poetry, Caroline loved art. In fact, she took art lessons by Correspondence from the Lockwood Art School in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her art was given as gifts to family and friends but her correspondence pieces are in the vault at the Golden Museum.

Like all correspondence courses, it came with an instruction book that you followed along. Once you finished a piece you had to send it in to have it graded and wait until it was returned in order to get comments about your progress.

Caroline kept all of her work together which makes it possible for the museum to share her progress.