Horse Creek School – Gone But Not Forgotten

The air is crisp and the mornings foggy which means that school in School District #6 is back in session. Here is some information for one of the almost forgotten schools in the district near Golden, BC. Horse Creek School Horse Creek School was at Nicholson, BC. Classes at Nicholson were originally held in a…

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Celebrating 20 Years of the Kicking Horse River Pedestrian Bridge

Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge – Golden, BC After several years of discussion, a design proposal for the timber frame Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge was brought to council in January 2000. The bridge would enhance the visual appearance of the downtown area, create a destination piece and extend the existing trail system. With drawings in hand,…

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Horse Races Were Big In Golden, BC

Horse Racing in Golden, BC

Competitions Attracted Spectators in Golden, BC The people of Golden, BC were always up to a challenge. Be it foot races or fall fair events everyone took part. It makes sense then that local horse owners used deserted town streets to challenge each other to a race. Horse racing grew and soon competitors came from…

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Caroline Bergenham – Art by Correspondence

Caroline Bergenham was born in Jamtland, Sweden on April 24, 1888, the only daughter of John and Brita. She came to Canada as a child with the rest of her family in 1893 settling in Golden, BC. The family moved to Moberly, BC when John found work as a section hand. Here they squatted on…

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Charles Percival Price was one of thirteen children raised in Colorado City. Times were hard, and it was necessary for the children to leave home as soon as possible. Price was one of the elder children and was soon bitten by the gold rush bug. He eventually ended up living here in the valley in…

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Love in Golden, BC

“George Love has been a resident of Golden since 1889 when his father came out to this province. They lived on the farm now owned by Tommy King (present day Kings Trailer Park area) and Mr. Love spent all this life here except for eight years. He also went to school with Maggie Gould, the…

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Worst Flood Since Eighty-Four

In the next few days, it appears that Golden can expect some spring rainfall and with that, the rivers rise and people start to worry about flooding.  The following is from the Golden Star – June 22, 1916, and talks about one of the worst flood seasons we ever experienced. Worst Flood Since Eighty-Four Plays…

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First Sikh Temple in North America

A sikh temple

In 1897, Queen Victoria invited her South Asian troops to attendher Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London.  These Sikh soldiers,having crossed Canada on their way home, returned to India withstories of an attractive land waiting to be settled by British subjects.The first Sikhs came to Canada in 1902 as part of a Hong Kongmilitary contingent…

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First People of the Columbia Valley

An old image of a Ktunaxa camp

First People of the Columbia Valley Everything you can see, every community you visiting the Columbia Valley, is located in the territory of the Ktunaxa people. Ktunaxa (pronounced tun-a-ha’) is the name of the Kootenay Tribe in the Kootenay Language. Their territory is vast, with its northern boundary touching Yellowhead Mountain and its southern border…

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