First Sikh Temple in North America

A sikh temple

In 1897, Queen Victoria invited her South Asian troops to attend her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London. These Sikh soldiers, having crossed Canada on their way home, returned to India with stories of an attractive land waiting to be settled by British subjects. The first Sikhs came to Canada in 1902 as part of a…

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First People of the Columbia Valley

An old image of a Ktunaxa camp

First People of the Columbia Valley Everything you can see, every community you visiting the Columbia Valley, is located in the territory of the Ktunaxa people. Ktunaxa (pronounced tun-a-ha’) is the name of the Kootenay Tribe in the Kootenay Language. Their territory is vast, with its northern boundary touching Yellowhead Mountain and its southern border…

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CPR Swiss Guides

An old image of hills and mountains

In the year 1899, my father Edward Feuz, Sr., and Christian Haesler, Sr., came to Canada, engaged as Mountain Guides by the C.P.R. Co. They were accompanied by Charles Clark, an Englishman, but educated in Switzerland. He acted as interpreter for these first C.P.R. Swiss Guides. In 1901 more Guides were brought out; the two…

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