Moberly Tourist Resort

Moberly, BC, site of Walter Moberly’s camp became famous locally because of a resident that would come later. Stephan “Steve” Petriuk was born in Mamiesti Bukowine, a province of Romania on Christmas Day in 1905. As a young man he worked his way to Canada after spending a couple of years working in a brewery…

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An old image of hills and mountains

In the year 1899, my father Edward Feuz, Sr., and Christian Haesler, Sr., came to Canada, engaged as Mountain Guides by the C.P.R. Co. They were accompanied by Charles Clark, an Englishman, but educated in Switzerland. He acted as interpreter for these first C.P.R. Swiss Guides. In 1901 more Guides were brought out; the two…

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Wixon House

A front view of a house

The Wixon House, built in 1893, is a very special property located directly across the street from the hospital on a corner lot. Most local residents can pick it out because of its red roof. Built for Golden’s first permanent doctor, the home was quite small as the doctor was a bachelor but soon he…

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