Horse Races Were Big In Golden, BC

Horse Racing in Golden, BC

Competitions Attracted Spectators in Golden, BC The people of Golden, BC were always up to a challenge. Be it foot races or fall fair events everyone took part. It makes sense then that local horse owners used deserted town streets to challenge each other to a race. Horse racing grew and soon competitors came from…

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An old image of hills and mountains

In the year 1899, my father Edward Feuz, Sr., and Christian Haesler, Sr., came to Canada, engaged as Mountain Guides by the C.P.R. Co. They were accompanied by Charles Clark, an Englishman, but educated in Switzerland. He acted as interpreter for these first C.P.R. Swiss Guides. In 1901 more Guides were brought out; the two…

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Phantom Lake

Reflection Lake aka Phantom Lake 1960's

In 1911 work began on the Kootenay Central Railway that ran from the Canadian Pacific Railway in Golden, BC, south towards Cranbrook, BC. The railway would open on this section in 1913 and change trade and travel throughout the area. The railroad, ran across its own railway bridge, from the north side of Golden to…

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When Golden Was A Tent Town

During the construction of the C.P.R. west of the summit of the Rockies, during the years 1884 and 1885, it was first intended to locate the divisional point at the junction of the Kicking Horse River and the Columbia. This caused a tent town to spring up at the point during the summer of 1884,…

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